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Being Authentically You (Live Podcast Recap April 2024) with Jack Chambers-Ward
Episode 716th May 2024 • The SEO Mindset Podcast • Sarah & Tazmin
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We do a recap of the live podcast we did in April 2024, where the topic was all about being authentically (and unapologetically) you.

Tazmin and Sarah were joined by a special guest, Willow Mack, Senior Vice President of STAT Search Analytics, as unfortunately Jack couldn't attend this time - he decided to attend a wedding instead (we know, talk about priorities...)

We review the live podcast with Jack, and get his viewpoint on being authentically himself, and how he overcomes the obstacles and challenges that he faces.

About Jack:

Jack is an SEO Specialist with 5 years of experience, and a podcast host and producer with more than 10 years of experience. Alongside Search with Candour, he also hosts, edits & produces the popular movie podcast Sequelisers, all about fixing bad film sequels. He’s also a published writer with previous work including the 300+ page graphic novel D-Day: Storming Fortress Europe (published by Osprey in 2020 and British Showcase Vol. 1 (published Markosia Enterprises in 2013).

Where to find Jack:

Jack's Website

Jack's Facebook page

@jlwchambers on Instagram

@jlwchambers on Twitter

Jack on YouTube

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