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Interview with Brainwave Entrainment Expert, Morry Zelcovitch - Part 1
Episode 1526th February 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Morry Zelcovitch has had a lot of challenges in his life including depression and addiction. In his search for something to help him with his difficulties, he came across something called "binauaral beats" and that led him into the brainwave entrainment field (a term he coined himself).  Essentially, he's programming his brain to operate in a healthier way, through the use of sound. Exploring this continues to be his life's work. But like any self-improvement option, it works (or doesn't work) for each person differently.  We talk a lot about this in our interview.

I found it truly fascinating to discuss how sound - or vibration interpreted by our eardrums - may be able to heal us from the inside out.

In this first part of our interview, we discussed:

  • His background in "brainwave entrainment" (how he trained himself)
  • His search to find a way to live
  • How he started researching the science of brain chemistry
  • He came across something that might work for him - something that would modify his neural chemistry
  • How music can heal through its "steady pulse" and pattern
  • Using a stimulus - sound and light - to influence his brainwaves so that he could feel better without drugs
  • Unfortunately, binauaral beats didn't work for him
  • How he needed to create his own methodology
  • His opinion about some flawed science - the reason he wasn't really helped by binauaral beats
  • How binauaral beats are supposed to work
  • The differences (and names) of various brainwave states
  • How our brains are designed to work
  • Why brainwave entrainment is so important

You can find out more about Morry's approach to "brainwave entrainment" at .

His more professionally oriented website is at .

And his newest product is at .

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