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"So How We Gonna Kick It? Kick It Root Down!" with Christopher Salem
Episode 3813th April 2022 • The MIC is LISTENING! Show • Syya Yasotornrat
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How do you resolve to be a better business leader or better person overall?

It takes more than simply saying, "I'm accountable and focus on execution."

Sometimes it takes some serious introspection and looking at the root cause for our behaviors and our drivers.

Christopher Salem, CEO, CRS Group Holdings and Best Selling Author, "Master Your Inner Critic/Resolve the Root Cause," joins The MIC is Listening! to dive into truly digging into the roots of what can make us successful, both personally and professionally.

But as we know with this show, we're gonna kick it root down with Christopher's many areas of interests and share some real stories of real growth!

So How We Gonna Kick It?