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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 39, 12th November 2020
How to Create Consistent Content - Fast
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How to Create Consistent Content - Fast

Creating content as part of your marketing strategy is critical if you want to work online. It will build your website authority and help you to be discovered. Sharing regular content will allow you to demonstrate your expertise as well as being helpful for your clients and prospective clients. It’s an asset to your business and gives you a library of information to use and repurpose.

Creating regular content was how I was able to get a book deal and provided the first draft of the copy. Content has also helped me get speaking gigs and invited to run workshops for organisations as well as finding clients.

Procrastinating over creating content is a major sticking point for many practitioners. There are simple ways to organise your content creation to speed up the process and help you be consistent.

  • (02:41) What is content marketing?
  • (03:21) Pick your content
  • (05:53) Finding inspiration
  • (07:55) Start with a little content plan
  • (10:18) Speeding up the process

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