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Trailer6th February 2022 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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The first episode of Trumpet Dynamics was published in January 2016; and it occurred to me that no one has actually asked me about my own journey on the trumpet.

So I asked my wife Sana to ask me some questions about my trumpet career, as well as how the podcast has impacted me personally!

Here's what you'll hear in today's episode:

-Housekeeping items...02:00

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-Sana shares her first memory of James playing trumpet in 2019...10:30

-Why music from Sana's native land is so difficult to "get" for a Westerner...15:45

-How James got his start on trumpet...18:50

-Why James is grateful trumpet hasn't been his only career...25:13

-When, where, why and how did James Newcomb begin the Trumpet Dynamics podcast?...32:30

-What the podcast has taught James about trumpet and life...35:35

-And much more!

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