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Turning Browsers into Buyers with Push Notifications
Episode 325th November 2020 • Craft of Code • Linode
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In this episode of the Craft of Code podcast, we spoke to Feedify founder, Ankur Phadnis about the world of website engagement.

Back in 2017, Ankur Phadnis saw that to stand out online, retailers needed to offer the virtual equivalences of a ‘personal touch’ and to turn browsers into buyers. How? By using website engagement tools, like push notifications.

Today, Feedify manages approximately 300 million push notification messages a day. With 8,000 customers worldwide the company is set to expand what they’ve built in Asia to companies across the globe.

So, join us as we discuss how Linode has supported Feedify’s growth and why Ankur believes Linode’s first-rate support is such a wise investment for entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Ankur’s career journey and what led him to form Feedify
  • What types of customer use Feedify’s services
  • The problems entrepreneurs typically encounter in India
  • What made Ankur turn to Linode
  • Why Ankur believes Linode is a wise investment for any business

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