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207. BossBabe’s 7-Figure Launch Secrets Revealed
Episode 2071st March 2022 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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You’ve created a product and are ready to release it to the world. But you have no idea how to actually launch it. 

Or maybe every time you launch – you’re totally exhausted and are wondering if all the work is even worth it to grow your business…

Does that sound familiar? If yes – this episode is for you.

BossBabe Co-Founders, Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty are breaking down their unique, four-part launch system that’s guaranteed to set you up for scalable success.

From learning how to navigate your very first launch (even with zero experience) to how to pivot and adapt your message when things don’t go according to plan – Natalie and Danielle are covering it all.

If you’re looking for an actionable formula to launch a product or service but don’t know where to begin, this is your opportunity to step up, educate yourself and hit those sales goals. Let’s go! 


  • The crucial mistake most entrepreneurs make during a launch + how you can avoid it.
  • The #1 thing you need to think about before launching your product or service.
  • A peek into BossBabe’s 4-part launch framework + how you can apply it to your business.
  • What you need to do if you’re navigating your launch for the first time.
  • The key differences between a 5, 6 and 7-figure launch.
  • The #1 reason why most launches fail.
  • How to pivot and adapt your brand message in real-time – regardless of what the world throws at you.



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