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EP 42: The Immersion Conversion Vortex: Service-Centric Lead Generation Strategies for Podcasters with Evans Putman
Episode 422nd July 2024 • Acquire- Lead Generation, Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs • Jennie Wright
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Curious how a 78.6% opt-in rate transformed a podcast into a lead generation powerhouse?

In this episode, I’m thrilled to be joined by the brilliant Evans Putman, founder of Podcast Profit School. We’re diving deep into the world of lead generation, online events, and building authentic relationships. Get ready to uncover some game-changing strategies that will transform the way you connect with potential clients.

On This Week’s Episode, We Discuss:

  1. Revolutionary Lead Generation Tactics: Evans Putman shares his innovative approach to lead generation through podcasting, highlighting Real Estate Rock Stars' astounding 78.6% opt-in rate achieved with an irresistible offer, the Agent Success Toolbox.
  2. Creating Aspiration and Belief: I discuss the importance of inspiring belief and creating aspiration to drive higher conversions in various niches, steering away from detrimental practices like nagging.
  3. VIP Hour and Non-Pushy Sales: Evans unveils the VIP hour pre-event strategy to increase sales and emphasizes the "no pitch pitch" approach, aligning with the ethos of serving and supporting potential clients.
  4. Building Sustainable Client Relationships: We delve into the journey from building an email list to selling products, sharing the pivotal lessons of taking one step at a time and cultivating authentic connections with the audience.
  5. Engagement Strategies: We highlight the significance of short, engaging episodes, accompanied by exercises and PDFs, to maintain audience interest and drive immediate results, resonating with a client’s success story.
  6. Human Connection and Engagement: Techniques like the "immersion conversion vortex" are explored, emphasizing the value of deep human connections, emotional bonds, and virtual events for lead generation and retention.
  7. Niche Casts and Private Audio Podcasts: Evans introduces the concept of "niche casts" for lead generation, detailing the strategy of crafting private audio courses to address specific problems, build relationships, and trigger buying signals.

This episode is packed with actionable strategies, valuable insights, and inspirational success stories. Join me and Evans Putman as we unravel the secrets to sustainable client acquisition, revolutionize lead generation tactics, and empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build genuine relationships and spur transformation.

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