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The Importance of Your Marketing Strategy with Claire Akin
Episode 835th October 2022 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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This week on Bridging The Gap, Claire Akin, CEO of Indigo Marketing Agency, joins us all the way from sunny San Diego.

We dig into the basics of embracing our speciality and delivering this to our clients, leading versus lagging, building and utilizing your content calendar, and the importance of marketing “you” as a person and not necessarily “you” as a brand or company. 

Claire also breaks down balancing what advisors want to write about versus what our clients want to read about in order to be able to meet in the middle. 

Guest Bio

Claire Akin, MBA runs Indigo Marketing Agency, a firm that helps independent financial advisors grow their businesses with marketing. She is a former Investment Advisor Representative who holds her MBA in Marketing as well as a BA in Economics.

Claire grew up in the financial services industry, as her father has been an advisor for 39 years. After working with his firm for a decade, she started her own independent agency. Claire has worked with hundreds of advisors to help leverage technology to grow their businesses. Her top-rated book, The Marketing Guide for Financial Advisors,​ is available on Amazon now.

She lives in San Diego with her toxicologist husband (Josh), and three kids under age 4. She has climbed Mt. Whitney three times and won a blue ribbon at the Del Mar Fair for her "Happy Hiker" trail mix.

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