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How To Quit Your Day Job - Tips From Someone Who Actually Did it
Episode 137th November 2018 • Profit From Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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I saw this post from Tim Paige and I can think of so many people who will read this, and ignore it. Some people feel that the one thing keeping them from "Making it" is this really inconvenient thing called their day job. 

Their "side hustle" is currently bringing in $34 a month, but for some reason they think that if they only quit their job the pressure of seeing your life's savings being caught on fire will inspire you to leap into action to find a way anyway to make a living "Doing what they love." So I love this report from the front lines on how Tim actually quit his day job. Check out Tim at or

How To Go "All In" on your Dream Job
Don't quit your day job until it is costing you more money than keeping your day job. So if you turned down 40,000 worth of work because it conflicted with your 30,000 jobs, then it's time to quit your day job. This was the case for Tim. 


Tim got out of debt so that his expenses were minimal after quitting his job. He had three jobs doing anything he could to get out of debt and it took him three years. 

For the first three years of his side hustle, he reinvested in his business. 

Be open to opportunity. He didn't turn down jobs - even if he didn't want to do it. This makes him appreciate it when "dream jobs" come along.

Get your mind right. When he panics, finds himself envious of others, he is not doing his best work. This hurts his business. 

Dave's Insights
If you don't have a good support system, things can get ugly quickly. People I see who have made the leap ALL have supportive families. ALL.

It's not enough to take courses, you have to leave time to put the knowledge into action.

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