Investing in Your Future through Real Estate with Jamisa Mclvor
Episode 7230th November 2020 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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If you want to build wealth, investing in real estate is a great option!

It might seem complex at first and out of reach for some but with ample research, studying, and some guidance from the pros, you can actually do it!

Join me in this episode as I jump into a financial conversation with the real estate goddess Jamisa Mclvor! Jamisa is the CEO at Rosebud’s Investments, LLC. She takes people from all walks of life and ages and pretty much teaches them how to build their real estate portfolios from scratch.

Jamisa is going to talk about how she built her real estate empire by the age of 26! I know, it sounds incredibly amazing and she’s going to share her genesis and her secret with us!

If you’re in the long haul then, you might want to plunge into real estate!

Start investing in your future today by listening to this episode as Jamisa Mclvor shares how she went from a supermarket cashier to managing and owning 23 properties at 26!


>> Jamisa talks about how she was able to build her real estate empire

>> Jamisa’s intro to real estate

>> Real estate is everything

>> Tips on how to get affordable properties

>> Ways to acquire a property when you don’t have a capital

>> How Jamisa’s company started

>> The importance of financial literacy as a way to improve your financial standing in life 

>> Picking your struggles

>> Jamisa’s thoughts on overcoming obstacles while creating generational wealth

>> Truths about financial freedom

>> Advice from Jamisa on how to get what you want and get to where you want to be

Resources mentioned from this episode:

>> Jamisa’s Social Media:




>> Rosebud's Investments, LLC

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