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37: Enrique Rubio from Hacking HR
17th July 2020 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Enrique Rubio from Hacking HR and I speak about the future of work and the opportunity presented to us during this difficult time. We cover topics such as creativity at work, how there is an opportunity to allow people to be more curious and innovative. Trust featured highly in the podcast - could it be that you are not hiring the right people (because you don't trust them to do their job) or you don't have the right people in the right roles? Companies are not taking advantage of their talent. Your job as a leader is to not unmotivate and uninspire your staff. Provide a balance of support and challenge. Create psychological safety through vulnerability and transparency. Ultimately, be human at work! Enrique is an HR, Tech and Future of Work expert and keynote speaker and founder of Hacking HR, a global learning community at the intersection of future of work, technology, business and organizations, with thousands of members of all over the world. He came to the United States from Venezuela as a Fulbright Scholar. Prior to coming to the US, Enrique was the CEO at Management Consultants, a firmed specialized in Human Resources in Venezuela. Before Management Consultants, Enrique worked in the telecommunications sector as a Senior Project Engineer for Telefonica. He is also the cofounder of Cotopaxi, a recruitment platform focused on Latin America and the Caribbean. Enrique is a guest author in several blogs about innovation, management and human resources. Most recently Enrique worked as an advisor to the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Inter-American Development Bank. Enrique has over twenty years of experience and is an Electronic Engineer with an Executive Master’s in Public Administration from Maxwell School. Links: My social links:




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