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How to Turn Your Passion Into a 7-Figure Business with Tyler "Sully" Sullivan
11th November 2021 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#215: Job security is a big lie. This is a harsh reality that some people realize a bit too late in life. You think you're safe because you're a great employee. Think again. This is exactly the rude awakening that Tyler "Sully" Sullivan faced. Tyler is the founder of BombTech Golf, an eCommerce store, and eCom Growers, which is a Platinum Certified Klaviyo Agency. 

Sully was fired from a job where he was a top performer. Bringing in 200% of the sales for this company didn't matter. He was fired a week before Thanksgiving, while his wife was pregnant with their first child. What happened next is something that you and I can learn so much from. So, let's hear the rest of Sully’s story in this week's episode of Wealth Without Wall Street.  


Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: 

  1. Build a foundation off something you love
  2. How to use available resources to build your brand
  3. How to have conversations with people, validate your offer, and sell your product 


About Our Guest:

Tyler "Sully" Sullivan is the founder of BombTech Golf, an eCommerce store with over $30 million sold online since 2012. In addition to Bombtech, he also runs eCom Growers, which is a Platinum Certified Klaviyo Agency.

Over the years, Sully has come to learn the formula for running successful and profitable eCommerce businesses. He believes the best way to run a profitable business is to have honest conversations with customers and potential customers at scale. As a result, he is hyper-focused on customer experience and operating a lean business that doesn't just drive revenue but drives serious profit and cash flow.

While bootstrapping BombTech, he faced the challenge of not having more cash to invest in ads. That is why he mastered email marketing. Most eCommerce store owners don’t know how much they are making from email or earn typically between 10-20%. At BombTech, email marketing brings in over 40% of the revenue. Bottom line, Sully loves eCommerce and loves seeing other eCommerce owners profit wildly.

Connect with Tyler "Sully" Sullivan:

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