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7 | Stefanie Causey | Lessons in Leadership and Resilience
12th December 2023 • Elevate Your Career • Nicole McMackin
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On today's episode of the Elevate Your Career podcast, Nicole talks to Stefanie Causey, OCM Leader, Enterprise Operations and Services Quote-to-Cash Transformation at IBM and a long-time member of the HMG Strategy Community. Stefanie won the HMG Global Leadership Institute's 2023 Leadership Award for the second time. She also participated in a panel discussion at the HMG CIO Summit with Hunter Mueller, founder of HMG Strategy.

They discuss Stefanie's background, highlighting her resilience and drive. She reflects on her journey, including overcoming challenges as a single mother and finding support in her husband, who encouraged her educational and career advancement. Despite facing stereotypes and biases, especially in male-dominated fields, Stefanie believes that self-belief and pushing beyond societal expectations are key to her success.

They explore the nuances of leadership and change management, sharing Stefanie's unique approach that combines traditional methods with innovative strategies. She advocates for understanding the psychological aspects of organizational change, emphasizing the need to balance logic with empathy. Her experiences in various industries have shaped her leadership style, encouraging a blend of analytical thinking and emotional intelligence. This balance, she suggests, is crucial for effective change management and leadership in today's complex business environment.

Nicole and Stefanie explore the theme of vulnerability and authenticity in leadership. Stefanie shares her transformation from emulating male leadership styles to embracing her true self, which significantly advanced her career. She advises leaders to acknowledge their weaknesses and complement them with strong teams, promoting a culture of vulnerability and authenticity.

Join Nicole and Stefanie for an insightful conversation about overcoming fear and uncertainty in the workplace and cultivating your network throughout your career.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Stefanie's early challenges as a single mother and how her husband's support was instrumental in her returning to education and advancing her career.

  • The power of resilience and having a strong support system, particularly when facing societal stereotypes and biases.

  • Stefanie’s unique blend of traditional and innovative strategies in leadership and change management.

  • Why understanding the psychological aspects of organizational change is crucial, requiring a balance of logic and empathy.

  • The importance of recognizing personal weaknesses and building strong, complementary teams as well as a culture that values vulnerability and authenticity.

  • And so much more...


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