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Songs That Got Us Through The Last Year (with Sırma Munyar and Carrie Herbert)
14th April 2021 • Themes and Variation • Soundfly
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Music can affect us in so many interesting ways. It can toy with our perception of time when someone on the other end of a phone line puts us on hold. It can motivate us to keep up the pace and push through the last leg of an early morning run. It can even say everything we’ve been failing to articulate, providing something that makes sense in the midst of a mind boggling year.

In the newest episode of Themes and Variation,  Carter is joined by two marvelous members of the Soundfly community, Carrie Herbert (composer, doctoral candidate, singer/songwriter) and returning guest Sırma Munyar (artist, producer, course instructor) to discuss the theme “Songs That Got Us Through the Last Year.”

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