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How a Blizzard Can Remind Us of Our Need of Jesus
Episode 10713th March 2019 • Deeper Christian Podcast • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 107

1 Kings 15:5 gives a tragic summary of David's life saying that David always did what was right in the eyes of God … except one time with Uriah the Hittite (speaking of his sin with Bathsheba).

How quickly a man of righteousness who had sweet intimacy with God fell to dreadful depths of sin and depravity.

While we can quickly write it off as one more leader who had moral failure, we must allow God to remind us that we too are susceptible to sin and we too can quickly fall, if we turn our gaze from Christ. We are not to have open windows or doors to sin in our lives, allowing the blizzard of sin to creep into our souls.

Using the changing of weather as an illustration, we briefly discuss David's downfall and our desperate need for Jesus every moment of every day.

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