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3 New Thinking Routines to Try in Your Museum and Gallery Programmes
Episode 9123rd March 2023 • The Art Engager • Claire Bown
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Are you tired of using the same old thinking routines in your museum and gallery programmes? Maybe it's time to try something new? In this week’s episode, I'm sharing three exciting thinking routines that you can add to your repertoire.

These routines will help you engage your audience and encourage them to think creatively about art and objects.

  • Start with the basics: building a repertoire of thinking routines.
  • Experiment and try new thinking routines to stay curious and inspired.
  • Three new thinking routines to try out: Imagine If, Take Note, and Creating Space for Learning
  • Imagine If: a thinking routine for looking closely, finding opportunity, and pursuing new ideas.
  • Take Note: a thinking routine for distilling ideas in response to a piece of art or an object.
  • Creating Space for Learning: a thinking routine that is essentially a grounding exercise that helps us to prepare for any programme, class or task.

Three new thinking routines for you to try out. I hope you find them helpful in engaging your audience with art and objects in a new and exciting way.



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