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2022 NFL Week 17 Preview: Firings, benchings, retirements and a Fantasy Grand Final!
Episode 2230th December 2022 • The Punt Return NFL Podcast • Sportscaster Media
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Another meaty episode with plenty to discuss in the regular season's penultimate week.

1. Broncos (finally) fire Nathaniel Hackett

2. Raiders bench Derek Carr - Jarrett Stidham to start the final two games

3. Where to for Miami? Four losses in a row and face the Pats for a potential wildcard spot

4. J.J. Watt's retirement: where does he sit amongst all-time greats?

5. Chargers FINALLY clinch a playoff spot

6. Pat Mahomes is BUILT DIFFERENT

7. T.O. making a comeback?!

8. Wentz and White are back as starters

It's Grand Final week for Fantasy Football players (including us), plus a preview of all Week 17 matches...