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Episode 6 The Importance of Being Aligned and Expressed
Episode 631st August 2023 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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In this solo episode I discuss the evolution of both myself and my work in the context of living an aligned and expressed life. We are not here in this world and lifetime to just survive and I would love to explore this further with you today so that you can live from who you truly are and how you as an individual operate.

I talk about:

  • My evolution as a Manifesting Generator
  • Exploring the idea of being aligned and expressed
  • The frequency and energy of the masculine and feminine
  • The reason we were put onto this planet
  • Understanding our own unique operating system
  • Being in relationship with ourselves

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This week's episode is called 'How to Heal the Mother Wound' and in it I share what the mother wound is, how it shows up in our lives and the steps we can take to truly heal so that regardless of gender or expression we can all truly flourish and thrive.

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