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Season 8 - Q&A!
Episode 821st November 2022 • The Weight Loss Podcast • Matt and Courtney
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It's that time again, where we answer YOUR questions!

"Is weight gain in perimenopause real and what advice do you have for women at that point in their lives when we're so busy with kids, careers, caring for elderly parents and trying to keep weight down"

"Is it safe to workout way past your max heart rate? To make sure you are working intense enough?"

"How common is it that people have to find new trainers?"

"What are the most important numbers to look at on a nutritional table, for things like sauces etc. How can you tell if they are going to work with a healthy eating plan?"

"My question is about the rule of proximity. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid the nibbling while at work?"

"After your initial weight loss, have you guys ever tried to intentionally gain weight or bulk? If so did you have to overcome any mental hurdles?"

"I am a calorie counter and a daily exerciser - what is the main focus for you? Do you focus on habits or calories?"

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