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Just Williams - Episode 36
Episode 3613th November 2023 • Just Williams • Williams Investment Management
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We have been reminded over the last few weeks that whatever happens the world always continues to turn, which means there is always something for us to get our teeth into when it comes to matters of financial investment.

So for this recording we talk about the latest on how stubborn underlying inflation continues to be, and what this means for interest rates, the ongoing dichotomy in regard to moving away from our reliance on fossil fuels and the how the uncertainty around the fate of We Work could well be impacting on your portfolio.

We also talk about a worrying trend in the investment management sector.

But whilst the world will always continue to turn, we have also been reminded over the last few months that it isn’t always the most important thing. With that in mind we would like to dedicate this episode to our good friend Robert, who we will miss dearly.