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The Art of Leadership - Dr. Niña Ellison EPISODE 19, 11th August 2020
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Intentionality: Part I

Personal Growth

Thoughts from Brian Pearson, Executive Coach:

  • Intentionality is based on your core values
  • Being intentional includes understanding the process but also the relationships that go with the process
  • With intentionality you learn to respect the people, the assets, the customers.
  • Intentionality, over time, can be imbedded within a person
  • In this process, there is reciprocity. The one adding value gains value
  • Not everyone sees intentionality this way if instant results are the expectation.
  • Mentoring in leadership is an intentional partnership. It is not designed to be an adversarial relationship

Next week: A journeyman’s education on how to treat people

You can connect with Brian Pearson at https://www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/brianpearson/

Brian and Niña are co-hosts for the global leadership experience. To sign up for the local event in South Carolina go to https://www.healthyleadership.online


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