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The Power of INTENTIONALITY with Ronice Felicia Latta
Episode 3712th January 2021 • Leading People First • Chris Lin
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As a leader in your organization, are you thinking intentionally about what you are trying to achieve? People First Leaders don’t look at the bottom line or revenue streams first. They’re intentional about the people they lead and allowing their teams to pursue a purpose-driven life within their organizations.

Ronice Felicia Latta, the CEO of New Levels, LLC and author of the book, The Layover, joins the Leading People First podcast to discuss the power of intentionality.

Ronice helps develop, equip and empower men and women to pursue a purpose-driven life. Passionate about helping others obtain greater fulfillment and authentic success in their “next acts,” New Levels supports individuals on their journey from jobs and stifled careers to living in Purpose Prosperity. This is the state of moving from surviving to thriving as the person each one of us were created to be.

Ronice & Chris also discuss the importance of growing relationships, the space of uncertainty, and how to find yourself to create a more impactful employee experience as a leader.

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