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7 Major Public Sector Marketing Shifts You Need to Adopt Now
Episode 78 • 13th September 2023 • Public Sector Marketing Show • Joanne Sweeney
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Hello and welcome to episode 78 of the Public Sector Marketing Show. 👋 🎙️

2023 has been a ground-breaking year in terms of marketing transformation. Technology continues to drive change, disrupt consumer behaviour and challenge marketers.

We are now navigating a new trajectory of AI-driven marketing practice.

In today’s show I take a closer look at those trends that give rise to the new skills we all need to master in order to remain relevant in the Digital Age.

I speak to Amanda Webb, founder of Spiderworking and Digital Marketing expert and we dig deeper on the seven marketing trends that are dominating marketing practice in 2023.

It’s time to pause before we reprioritise. So stay tuned and let me share these important insights with you.



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