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The BackTracker History Show - The Backtracker EPISODE 24, 21st June 2021
The Dad's Army Hero: Arnold Ridley
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The Dad's Army Hero: Arnold Ridley

William Arnold Ridley, OBE (7 January 1896 – 12 March 1984) was an English playwright and actor, earlier in his career known for writing the play The Ghost Train and later in life for portraying the elderly Private Godfrey in the British sitcom Dad's Army. But did you know that he was a veteran of both World wars as well as a member of the Home Guard in real life? Find out some of his amazing experiences from the front line and what happened to him on his return.

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GRO Register of Births: MAR 1896 5c 543 BATH – William Arnold Ridley

GRO Register of Deaths: JUN 1984 13 934 HILLINGDON, MIDDLESEX – William Arnold Ridley, DoB = 7 January 1896 aged 88

Arnold Ridley, The Train and Other Ghosts (1970c)

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