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Board-Certified Nutritionists in the Industry with Dr. Renee Streeter
Episode 418th January 2023 • The Pet Industry Podcast • BSM Partners
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In this episode, board-certified nutritionist and veterinarian Dr. Renee Street chats with Dr. Megan Sprinkle and Steve Cauthern.  In this episode, they cover what a pet nutritionist is, the basics of pet nutrition, and thoughts about nutrition in the Pet Industry going forward.

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Show Notes:

(01:31)  Why Dr. Streeter became board certified pet nutritionist

(05:41)  How leveraging other people’s knowledge helps with achieving success

(06:48)  How Dr. Streeter worked with Dog Food to make it healthier

(08:16)  Why continuing education is important for Nutritionists and Veterinarians

(11:34)  How learning dog nutrition basics is helping understand chicken nutrition basics.

(12:23)  How Dr. Streeter balances her challenging work with her personal responsibilities

(17:35)  How Dr. Streeter makes the best of a challenging situation

(22:43)  Thoughts about the Pet Industry Going Forward