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The Power of Having Employees with Strong Personal Brands featuring Daniel Murray
Episode 11111th October 2022 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Having employees with strong personal brands is a great asset for any business, manufacturing or otherwise.

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we talk to Daniel Murray, marketing ops leader and the founder of podcast and marketing community, Marketing Millennials.

Daniel discusses his career so far, how he simplifies marketing for marketers and the benefits of building personal brands. He also provides unmissable tips on building lasting LinkedIn posting habits and what platforms he finds most engaging right now.

This episode is simply a masterclass in marketing and it’s gold for any manufacturer!

In this episode, find out:

  • Daniel’s goals for Marketing Millennials
  • How to leverage LinkedIn purposefully
  • Why executives should build personal brands
  • Reasons why employers should hire employees with strong personal brands
  • Why social media is just one part of the trust-building puzzle
  • The importance of creating content consistently
  • The power of newsletters and podcasts
  • What’s resonating on LinkedIn right now
  • Why put your personal brand over your career at times
  • Top book recommendations from Daniel

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Tweetable Quotes:

  • "Consume a lot of content from your space. Understand what people are saying.”
  • One mistake people make is they’re not consistent enough on social media.”
  • “You want people to trust you and the way you build trust is by sharing what you know.”

Links & mentions:

  • The Marketing Millennials, a community highlighting and uplifting today's marketing leaders and tomorrow's top stars. Zero BS. Just fun, unfiltered, industry insights with the game-changers behind some of the coolest companies from around the globe. Sign up here for the newsletter.
  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini
  • Justin Welsh, Founder of The Saturday Solopreneur who’s building a portfolio of one-person businesses; follow him on LinkedIn for personal branding tips
  • Terry Black’s Barbecue, the best BBQ in Austin, TX, according to Daniel
  • Franklin Barbecue, a mainstay Austin, TX BBQ joint famous for their long lines. Line up at 9am on a weekday if you want to get it before it runs out. Your host Chris Luecke still thinks this is the best brisket he’s ever had (but he also hasn’t been to Terry Black’s yet).

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