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Around Farm Progress - aroundfarmprogress EPISODE 23, 14th August 2020
Derecho, devastation and the mystery of milk pricing
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Derecho, devastation and the mystery of milk pricing

In this episode of the podcast Around Farm Progress, Rod Swoboda, editor, Wallaces Farmer, provides an update on the impact of that derecho that spread across the Midwest, but hit Iowa especially hard. He shares the startling numbers and looks ahead to what will be a tough harvest for this part of the world. From lost corn to lost bins, the impact of this weather event has yet to fully manifest itself.


Then Chris Torres, editor, American Agriculturist, delves into a dairy pricing conundrum that's pandemic related. At a time when cheese is flying out off the stores and warehouses to pantries and restaurants, raising the Class III price, farmers are getting discounts in their milk checks. It turns out the way milk is priced in this country is complicated. Torres explains the process and how it's bitten dairy farmers right in the wallet.

Photos: Flattened corn - Meaghan Anderson, Iowa State; Milk – Jack Anderson, Getty Images