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Expo experts and the positive side of the driving instructor industry.
Episode 1417th October 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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A slightly different show on this episode as I'm joined by not one, but twelve guests!

Yes, I was in Coventry for the Instructor expo and I managed to grab chats with some awesome people. I also take the opportunity to talk about the positive side of the industry, What are the things we can actually celebrate?

I really appreciated the following people and businesses chatting with me:

  • Richard Borges
  • Lynne Barrie
  • Ian McIntosh
  • Chris Bensted
  • My Drive Time
  • Go Roadie
  • Rated Driving
  • Marmalde
  • Lee Jowett
  • San Harper
  • Richard Spiers
  • Rob Cooling

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