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The One Where We Discuss How To Pivot Into An SEO Role With Esther Akinsola
Episode 25th September 2023 • WTSPodcast • Isaline & Areej
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In this week's episode, Esther Akinsola, a content marketer for travel Saas startups and small businesses, shares how she pivoted into an SEO role. It does not look like a one size fits all or a linear process. It is an intentional path involving personal development, research and learning. Esther shares how she finds enthusiasm and curiosity and stays aligned with her vision and her goals. She genuinely discusses how she answered her why and her what and how she just goes out to achieve it. We find out what inspires Esther and what empowers her to be the brilliant woman she is today.

You can connect with Esther through her LinkedIn, X and her Website.

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