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24. Normalizing Healthy Endings Over Painful Ones
Episode 2425th March 2024 • Hustle For Happiness • Courtney Brooke
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Ending a relationship doesn't need to be dramaticized or painful. Today, Courtney explores the value of normalizing healthy exits from relationships. Through personal stories and insightful tips, she emphasizes the importance of honoring yourself and your happiness when it's time to let go. Uncover the mindset shift needed to celebrate endings as opportunities for growth and self-care. 


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Recognizing when you need space and end the relationship
  • Figuring out your fears around ending a relationship
  • Trusting your gut
  • Share your feelings and take up space
  • Allowing yourself to sit in those difficult emotions
  • Courtney's story of ending a relationship with her friend group when she started dating her husband, Justin
  • Noticing the symptoms that it's time to end a relationship 
  • Embrace endings as opportunities for personal growth


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Episode transcript:

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