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Episode 7-How the Job Search is like the Pursuit of a Suitable Mate?
Episode 711th June 2019 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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It may seem a bit of a reach, but have you ever considered how the job search, when done properly, is similar to the pursuit of a lifelong mate? I have. In fact, I was once commissioned to conduct a research project that resulted in a book called The Pursuit Of Happiness. It addressed this very subject.

Here are the essentials:

First, one needs to understand himself or herself enough to have a clear idea of their unique needs and how they fit with a prospect.

Second, this self-awareness needs to inform what they want, so the clarity is crucial. If one was to write a needs list, it ought to be ordered in prioritized fashion, listed from flexible to deal-breaker status. In other words, what we would ideally like in a match for ourselves and what we won’t live without. We know we can ask for the moon and want that for ourselves, but the reality is we are fortunate if we get most of what we “ask for.”

Third, we remain committed to what works for our uniqueness, what we are attracted to, as that has staying power.  If it helps, knowing what does not and will not work for us can be used as a guidepost as well.

Fourth, we continually check in with ourselves on our “list” to determine whether or not our original intentions are legitimate or simply frivolous, such as being motivated by money or good looks. Long term satisfaction is dependant on this authenticity.

It’s an important exercise, assuming that the goal is longevity and that our goal is to get it right the first time. It’s our “due diligence” and is sure to make a difference in the outcome.

Happy search to all!