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Interview With Casting Director And Coach, Mary Lynn Wissner – Part 2
Episode 3729th July 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Here’s the second part of my interview with casting director and coach, Mary Lynn Wissner. We talked about common mistakes she sees voice actors make and what she suggests voice talent do to differentiate themselves.

We also spoke about things like:

  • How voiceover work is about so much more than having a nice voice
  • How Mary Lynn helps producers open their eyes to possibilities they hadn’t considered when hiring talent
  • The difference in sound when adults do kids’ voices versus when kids do kids’ voices
  • What changes in the industry Mary Lynn predicts coming out of the COVID-19 shutdowns (during which time this episode was recorded)
  • What the process looks like when Mary Lynn finds talent for producers
  • The additional roles voice talent are having to take on 
  • The coaching Mary Lynn is doing currently
  • Mary Lynn’s VO Pros classes
  • What Mary Lynn is currently working on and how she structures her workdays
  • Mary Lynn’s Voiceover Self Direction app and how voice talent are using it to learn tips and tricks, gain confidence, and prepare for auditions

You can find out more about Mary Lynn and Voices Voicecasting on her website, or you can email You can also check out The Voice Over Self Direction app on the App Store ( or on Google Play (

This episode was very skillfully made to sound beautiful by the talented Humberto Franco (

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