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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys 7th December 2016
Luria Petrucci on Using Live Video to Market Your Membership
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Luria Petrucci on Using Live Video to Market Your Membership

Live video is hot right now, and it's only set to become ever more powerful as a marketing tool.

A lot of memberships we see are centered around an authority or expert of some type; and it stands to reason that one of the most effective ways of demonstrating your expertise, establishing your credibility and truly connecting with your audience is to get in front of a camera and share your message.

Live video removes many of the barriers to doing that and enables you to connect with your audience at the click of a button.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast I'm joined by Luria Petrucci from LiveStreamingPros.com. These guys are absolutely nailing live broadcasting, and Luria has brought her years of experience in online video to the show to give you the steps and strategy you need to follow to make live video work as part of your membership marketing strategy.

This is a very actionable episode, so if you've been contemplating how to use live video for marketing your membership website then you'll want to grab a pen and pad...

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Whether Facebook Live is the only game in town, or whether there are other live video platforms you should be using
  • Do you need to be polished and professional in order to start using live video
  • How to avoid blending into the background by creating a regular live show
  • Where to start when planning the structure and format of your live show
  • How to get more people to watch your live video
  • ...and much more!