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027: Play This Game To Shift Your Emotions FAST
22nd November 2018 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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This week’s minisode deals with that unpleasant subject of feeling upset, angry, sad, or offended at someone else, or even just at a situation. These negative feelings weigh down on us, disrupt our relationships and can hold us back from taking strides in our own life. In the next few minutes, Dorothy explains how it’s our own interpretations of other people and events that affect us emotionally, rather than the people or events themselves, and suggests a helpful game you can play to shoo out those pesky negative thoughts.

Also: the November edition of the Do Well & Do Good challenge is coming up soon! In just over a week, our free Facebook community will vote on which of the non-profits nominated by our guests this month will receive a donation equal to 10% of Dorothy’s advertising agency’s income.


Show Notes:

  • Why our interpretation of people and events can affect our mood more than the people and events themselves do.
  • What interpretation are you choosing?
  • Tricking your brain into moving past anger through alternative interpretations.
  • The importance of taking 100% responsibility for your feelings in every situation.


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