How Mixhers builds community and empowers women
Episode 922nd March 2022 • Hit Subscribe | The subscription ecommerce podcast by Recharge • Recharge
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On this episode we’re talking to Jess Toolson, Founder and CEO of Mixhers, alongside Kara Atkisson, Mixhers’ Director of Operations. 

Mixhers is a company built by women, for women; driven and dedicated to helping women embrace their time of the month by giving their body the nutrition it needs.

We chat about the very personal origins of Mixhers and the early days of running a subscription business. We then dive into the brand’s decision to migrate to Recharge which resulted in thousands of new subscribers in the months that followed. 

We also learn about Mixhers’ vibrant company culture and how they empower their small but  thriving team to crush goals and build community. In the words of Kara, “We have brave strong women here, who do hard things.” 

So, let’s get to it, Jess and Kara thank you so much for joining us.


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