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Deal Talk with 7MA - 7 Mile Advisors EPISODE 13, 28th October 2019
Private Equity and the Buy and Build Strategy with Matthew Picciano
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Private Equity and the Buy and Build Strategy with Matthew Picciano

In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA, our own Rory Julyan talks with Matthew Picciano of Alpine Investors. Matt is a principal at Alpine, most recently leading their deal origination team where he finds new platform investments, as well as add-on acquisitions. 

Matt begins by discussing his current role and what differentiates Alpine from other private equity firms. (1:18) Matt talks about Alpineā€™s focus on talent development and CEO-in-training programs. (3:13) Matt then tells listeners why the buy-and-build Matthew Picciano model has been popularized in the private equity space and why Alpine likes the model. (6:47) Matt comments on whether he thinks the buy-and-build strategy is being driven by real value or due to the pressure to deploy record levels of cash. (11:57) Matt then points to Evergreen Services as a great example of the buy-and-build strategy within Alpine and explains how the company approaches the strategy with growth in mind. (15:10)  

Matt spends a few minutes addressing the importance of models focused on annual recurring revenue, both from cloud services and subscription software. (24:28) Matt then examines overall market trends that demonstrate how the market is valuing recurring revenue more and what that means for business owners. (27:45)

The conversation wraps up with a deep-dive into the CEO-in-residence and training program. Matt explores this unique offering and how it can benefit founder-owned businesses looking to step away from day to day management. (31:11)

To find out more about Alpine Investors you can visit their website at www.alpineinvestors.com. Also, to find out more about Evergreen Services you can visit www.evergreensys.com.

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