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Kyle Finnegan, Kurt Bevacqua
Episode 1526th June 2023 • WGBB Sports Talk New York • WGBB Radio
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On this exciting episode of the radio show, host Bill Donohue engages in an enlightening conversation with none other than the esteemed Washington Nationals closer, Kyle Finnegan. Together, they delve into the new pitch clock rules and the captivating world of a closer's daily regimen, shedding light on the meticulous routines and strategic approaches that contribute to the high-pressure role. From mental preparation to physical conditioning, Finnegan unravels the secrets behind his success on the mound, offering a glimpse into the relentless dedication required to excel in his position.

But that's not all! Bill Donohue then welcomes former big leaguer Kurt Bevacqua back to the program. With a storied career that saw him face off against formidable opponents and grace the same field as the iconic Henry Aaron, Bevacqua brings a wealth of captivating stories to the airwaves. In a lively conversation, Bill and Kurt delve into the gripping battles between Bevacqua and the renowned Dodgers manager, Tommy Lasorda, unearthing the intensity and competitive spirit that defined their encounters.

However, it doesn't end there. Kurt Bevacqua's journey takes an even more captivating turn as he shares his experiences of being a teammate to the unparalleled greatness of Henry Aaron. Together, they reminisce about Aaron's incredible skill, unwavering determination, and the enduring impact he had on the game of baseball. Through Bevacqua's vivid recollections, listeners gain a firsthand account of the profound influence Aaron had on his teammates and the lasting legacy he left behind.

Join host Bill Donohue as he guides you through this riveting episode, immersing you in the world of baseball's closers, unraveling the enigmatic battles of Kurt Bevacqua and Tommy Lasorda, and painting a vibrant picture of what it meant to play alongside the unforgettable Henry Aaron. Get ready for a radio show experience that combines captivating stories, insightful commentary, and an undying passion for the great American pastime.