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The Launch Strategist - Katrina Douglas EPISODE 46, 24th March 2021
#46 How to Launch a Fashion Brand in a Pandemic with Fidelis Shonde
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#46 How to Launch a Fashion Brand in a Pandemic with Fidelis Shonde


This episode is a live case study on how Fidelis Shonde successfully launched Grace to the Humble during the pandemic, a quality casual wear brand with a mission to help end homelessness in the UK. Be inspired and learn invaluable launch lessons that will energize you to get your idea off the ground, even in a pandemic!

Few nuggets of wisdom

  • Sometimes you just have to take the first step.
  • Working on your passion, it’s difficult. The hard that it’s going behind the scenes: the late nights, the early morning, the stresses ….
  • Try to break it down do with the time that you have. You will accomplish a lot more than if you have just stood there and say “I can’t do it.”
  • It’s a matter of discipline. Looking at how you are spending your day, when we look at how we really spend our day, we will be surprised of how many moments we can pick from here to there.

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How to connect with Fidelis Shonde

Website - www.gracetothehumble.co.uk

Instagram - Gracetthumble

Twitter - Gracetothehumble

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