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Five things that stop you being bold in your pet business
Episode 11314th April 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Would you love to be more bold when it comes to promoting your pet business?

Perhaps you’ve felt frustrated because people less experienced or qualified than you, or who use outdated and questionable methods are everywhere?

Or if you’ve a product, you might feel invisible while competitors are sharing endless posts about how they’re ‘smashing it.’

If you can relate, I imagine it’s not that these people or products are in any way superior.

More likely the people behind them are more bold, and it’s the voices that shout the loudest who get heard.

In this podcast episode I’m talking about five things that can stand in the way of your being bold in your pet business.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.20 - Why I’m being bold by talking about being bold.

1.15 - Working with pet businesses on telling their stories in my first online course in 2019, Create Content With Confidence.

2.20 - The Be Bold Bootcamp and how you can get support on putting yourself out there, what to expect and how to get involved.

3.15 - The dreaded words ‘Put yourself out there.’

05.58 - Why being bold isn’t just for the BS-ers.

Five things that can stand in the way of your being bold.

6.34 - 1. Feeling like you’re not able to put yourself out there.

10.35 - 2. Feeling unsure where to start.

13.20 - 3. What will people think?

19.21 - 4. What if people criticise me?

24.07 - 5. Thinking we need to be polished and perfect.

29.29 - Why even taking a leap of faith and setting up on your own is far more bold than you give yourself credit for.

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If something big you’ve been wanting to do and you’d like some support, a bit of a nudge to do it and some accountability?

If so, the Be Bold Bootcamp is for you and it's starting April 25th.

Register for the Be Bold Bootcamp here

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