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Episode 6: Building Better Relationships Through Insights from Evolutionary Biologist, Elisabet Sahtouris
Episode 624th August 2021 • The Art & Science of Success • Jonathan Brown
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Welcome to Episode 6 of "The Art and Science of Success."

Today’s guest is Elizabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist and ecological campaigner. Elisabet combines an extraordinarily deep appreciation for the environment with practical ideas for forming a better relationship with it – i.e., one based on respect rather than plunder. This is particularly useful as we come to terms with the recently published IPCC report.

She may seem to be a strange addition to talks run by a stress specialist but some challenging ideas aside, she’s extremely relevant as I have found that stress is mostly a relational issue – it’s something that happens between us- it just happens to come through individuals so we blame them instead of looking at how we are all interacting together. 

She’s been in the field for over 65 years collaborating with people like James Lovelock and Willis Harmon. She’s also spent many years building links between the different types of science in the world.   

She says things that I don’t agree with or rather I don’t know I agree with her. But that’s one of the things I find so rewarding interacting with her work – she makes me think and gives my foundations a shake. AND her work is also immensely practical.  

Here’s the summary of the topics we cover.

0000       Introduction and shock warning. Listen only if you want to give your beliefs a shake.

4.50        Nature as a dance with reality and how she developed her ideas on evolutionary biology

8.50 -     Importance of agency and co-creation

12.00     The different sciences around the world and Elisabet’s keyboard metaphor for describing


16.00     Exploring the creative process in consciousness and entrepreneurship (and reincarnation?!!)

21.00-   Challenging your perspective: Nature, holarchy, the donkey and the rose.

28.00     The role viruses play in our evolution – virus as information.

33.00     What can I do to boost my immune system?

37.00     How to focus on contribution – on making a difference.

43.00     How does Elisabet regain her perspective and her optimism when she loses it?

48.00     Imagining an economy where you recycle everything – Anaximander’s wisdom.  

54.30     Closing wisdom.

Really hope you find it stimulating.