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EDUCATION SERIES (Part 3): How to Earn a Debt-Free College Degree w/Shellee Howard
Episode 154th January 2022 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Going to college is not for everyone. But when you decide that a college education is for you or your child, don’t get lost in the shuffle.  

Shellee Howard explains how her child graduated from Harvard debt free.  Listen to learn how she plans to have all her 4 children graduate with a college degree without going into debt.


If a college education is in you or your child’s future:

05:33 - How to talk to your child about their career aspirations.

09:32 - Fill out the FAFSA (or get help doing so)

15:15 - The role purpose plays in kid’s education

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How to Send Your Student to College Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money

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Shellee Howard


But for those of you who want to go to college without going into debt and getting scholarships grants, I mean, there's so much money out there last year during COVID, our students are in the over $10.7 million in scholarships. That was not even need-based. That was on top of. And the students earned it. And that's what we help families understand is there's a ton of money. There's actually 11 colleges that are tuition free. They don't cost anything. So when a family says we can't afford college, I am like, well, I can tell you there's free. If you are willing to work for it. You know what I mean? It all comes down to, are you willing to work for it? If yes, then I can help you figure that out. If no. I think college is probably not right for you in the first place [00:11:00] that really opens up the gates and anybody, regardless of how much you do or don't make, should complete the FASFA because put it this way, they link to your taxes. So you've already told the government, this is how much money I made. No, all you're doing is linking it to college. They don't learn anything more about you. So. I don't understand the fear behind it. It really takes maybe 20, 30 minutes. So it's not like this scary, scary thing I've done it. This is my 10th year of doing it. And if I can do it, anybody can do it. [00:11:32] J. Rosemarie: Yes. The FASFA is no joke though. That fast before I fill it out several times, myself, I have to say, it's one of those things that frustrate you today. So [00:11:44] Shellee Howard: doing your own taxes. Right. You could do your own taxes and that would make you crazy too, right? Yeah. So that's how I tell people. I say, if you pay somebody to do your taxes, pay somebody to do your FASFA, they're out there.[00:12:00] We don't have to do it on your own. And if you'd rather be there, that's an opportunity, but it can be done as a single mom. Yeah. And I know that it was daunting because it felt kind of weird, but as soon as I got a ton of free money, I got over it quick. [00:12:17] J. Rosemarie: How can someone get in touch with you to use your [00:12:20] Shellee Howard: service? Yes. So college-ready. We help students in so many different ways and the best way to find out about what we can offer is I'm going to gift your listeners. A free discovery call. So if one of your listeners is interested in, they have a question. They want to find out more information about all we can do, then the best place to reach us as our website. That's, ready on there, you click the free discovery call and let me know that you heard it on the podcast so low. And I'd be happy to get on a college is pouring into you and your [00:13:00] family and give you the opportunity to ask the tough questions. That is the [00:13:05] J. Rosemarie: easiest way. Thank you very much. That college-ready Yes ma'am. Okay. So I hope you go on and get the. You can't beat that for sure. [00:13:16] Shellee Howard: Absolutely. There's also a book. If somebody is like, I don't want to talk to anybody, I'm a reader I'm you can go on to Amazon. And the book that I wrote is a bestseller. It's how to send your student to college without losing your mind or your money. And that book is $14. I believe. And you can get that and it will lead you and guide you without ever having to talk to anybody. It's kind of a do it yourself kind of book. Okay. [00:13:44] J. Rosemarie: All right. Thank you for sharing that. So what are you grateful for today? I am [00:13:48] Shellee Howard: grateful for the opportunity of knowledge. I feel like the more I know. The more I can be truly who I'm meant to be. And so this morning I [00:14:00] was reading an article and I just thought, you know, just as simple as it is, I just received knowledge that I'm truly grateful [00:14:06] J. Rosemarie: for. Thank you. Finally, give me one piece of advice for a solo mom listening, right. [00:14:14] Shellee Howard: The best advice somebody gave me is always remember that your child wants to be just like you. And what does that mean when you're doing bath time? And you're sitting next to the bathtub, open up a book, like a heart, like a book book with pages. Put your cell phone in between, and it looks to your child that you are reading a book. Well, what do they want to do? They want to be just like you and read a book. So it is such a simple idea, but in the world of technology, we get so caught up on our phone and use any minute we can to catch up. But unfortunately then children, all they want is to be on your phone. Yeah, that is not going to help them when it comes to testing for college. [00:14:58] J. Rosemarie: Yeah. Thank you. [00:15:00] I really enjoyed our chat. This is one of the things I love to talk about college and college application. There is one thing. Could you discuss your purpose as. Yeah, [00:15:11] Shellee Howard: absolutely. So every student that starts in our program must be willing to do 200 community service in an area that they're passionate about. And that has purpose 200. 200 hours of community service, why it is my mission and my belief that if every teenagers served 200 hours before they adulterated our world would be in much better place, then they will figure out what am I good at? What is my purpose? What was I put here to do? And so I always tell my students be the change you wish to see in the world. Don't talk about it or complain about it, get it done and show why you're here. [00:15:54] J. Rosemarie: Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. They'll either say, oh, I love this. I'd love to do more if they saw, oh my [00:16:00] God. I never want to do that again. [00:16:04] Shellee Howard: That is it when they get their first job where they pick the wrong major, the wrong college. [00:16:10] J. Rosemarie: I love it. Thank you, Sally. You're [00:16:11] Shellee Howard: welcome. It's my pleasure. I appreciate you. Thank you so much.



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