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180. Health is wealth, with Jill Myers
Episode 18011th October 2022 • Future-Proof • Bill Sheridan of MACPA
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Are you physically, mentally, physically well? That seems to be the key question these days. There's more of a focus on individual wellness in the workplace today, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

People who are happy and well are more productive than those who are unwell. It all boils down to the fact that we've only got one body, one mind, one life to live, so we better make it count.

Wellness, or lack there of, is going to translate directly into quality of life. Employees today know this and are demanding more in terms of wellness from their employers. An article from The Washington Post titled, "Gen Z workers demand flexibility, don’t want to be stuffed in a cubicle", by Danielle Abril, notes that for the young generation of workers, money may not always be the top job priority. Instead their list includes flexibility to work from the office and remotely, wellness and mental health initiatives, as well as meaningful work in culture.

For employers, accommodating for these preferences may become increasing important as Gen Z workers are expected to more than triple to 87 million by 2030 in Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States, accounting for 30% of total employment, according to a study by Oxford Economics. The Washington Post article also quotes Linda Jingfang Cai, vice president of talent development at LinkedIn, “We’re seeing this young cohort of workers demand that employers care about them as whole people".

There's a trend to dedicate time in order to recharge during the "5-9" hours in order to function well during the standard "9-5" workday. An Accounting Today article, "Burnout is note a badge of honor", by Randy Crabtree, states that when you feel burnt out, you try to work harder but are less productive, making you get down on yourself. This creates a toxic environment for employers and employees.

We need to reassess priorities, recognizing that we only have this single life and considering how we want to spend it. I sit down with Jill Myers, an integrative nutrition health coach and CPA, who helps people on their journeys to health & wellness. Jill and I discuss the obstacles between us and better wellness, the consequences of not getting well, and the steps to getting there.


Washington Post article, "Gen Z workers demand flexibility, don’t want to be stuffed in a cubicle."

"Burnout is not a badge of honor" by Randy Crabtree

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