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The Secrets to the "Game of Life" Using Cardology!
Episode 393rd July 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Join Amy in Episode 39 of Butterfly Kissed Podcast as she talks with Laura Haehl about using the "cards" to understand yourself more profoundly and clearly. Sometimes in life, we are "playing the hand we were dealt!" Find out how to use your birthdate and unleash the power of the cards in your life!

Have you ever wondered why certain people push your buttons? It may be because their card mirrors yours. They directly reflect what you need to fix in your life!

And have you asked yourself if the person you are dating is a good match for you? Well, the answer may be in the cards!

Listen as Laura explains the premise behind using the cards to help with some of life's difficult decisions. No more pros and cons list! You will understand how you are created to solve problems based on the essence of your cards energetically. They help you to make a more energetically informed decision.

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