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CISO Insiders with Gary Hayslip | CISO at Software Investment Advisers | Episode 84
Episode 842nd July 2024 • CISO insiders • GRSee Consulting
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💫 In this episode of CISO Insiders, we welcome Gary Hayslip, the CISO at Software Investment Advisers.

Gary Hayslip discusses in detail key insights and cultural shifts in the cybersecurity industry. Gary also delves into the power dynamics between the CISO and other roles within the organization while striking a balance between managing risks and expectations.

👇🏼 Topics:

🔎 Giving advice and setting expectations to newcomers and individuals who want to pursue a career in the cybersecurity industry.

🔎 Key insights and major cultural shifts within the realm of cybersecurity.

🔎 Critical learning experiences and resources that can help individuals who are pursuing a career in cybersecurity.


⭐ “I think risk and cybersecurity roles will become closer together. I can see privacy merging more into what CISOs are managing, and I can also see how CISO roles will also start aligning more on legal matters.”

⭐ “AI is already being built into tools. Where I work, we already have a policy in place, we are training our staff, and we are building security GPTs. We are now using cybersecurity tools with AI to monitor AI.”

⭐ “You’re going to have a lot of patience, especially in the cybersecurity industry. You’re going to need tenacity because you’re going to get knocked down a couple of times. But you can keep on trying until you get in.”


00:36 Guest Introduction and Professional Journey

01:55 Icebreaker questions

02:45 Is there one thing you wish you had known before starting your career?

04:13 Biggest failure and key learnings

07:08 What is the biggest accomplishment in your career?

07:46 Advice to younger listeners and anyone who wants to pursue a career in cybersecurity

11:40 Do you think it would be harder for an analyst role to transition toward a GRC role?

13:12 What were the best resources that have helped you through your career?

16:07 What is one myth about your industry that you want to debunk?

19:44 What are the main security concerns of CISOs these days?

21:33 How will the CISO role evolve 5 to 10 years from now?

23:49 What will we see in the cybersecurity world next?

28:31 What would be the best strategy for a vendor to connect with you?

30:12 What is it that you are looking for in a vendor?

32:03 Are there any influencers in the industry that you look up to that you would like to mention?

33:16 What’s the best way to connect with you online?

33:27 Final question, closing comments, and summarizing notes - If money was not an issue, what would you do with your life?

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