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Helping Parents and Educators with Students who Struggle: Featuring Kyle Hill
10th September 2022 • Aspire to Lead • Joshua Stamper
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This week’s guest, Kyle Hill, shares how his role as a Special Education Lead and parent has uncovered a huge gap in the communication and relationship between the school, parents, and the student. Kyle provides wonderful advice and resources to help all parties succeed in creating an effective plan for our struggling students. In this episode, we discuss:
  • Strategies to help students with their classroom behavior
  • Resources for parents to assist their special education meetings
  • And his podcast, Xhausted Educators!

About Kyle Hill:

School was a struggle for Kyle Hill.  In fact, as someone with undiagnosed ADHD, school was more of a chore than an opportunity.  Due to his own experiences with academic and behavior challenges, Kyle decided to become an elementary, special education teacher to support students with their own unique needs.  He served in this role for 19 years in both co-taught general education classrooms and self contained special education classrooms.  Since then, he has become a district-wide resource lead, specializing in intervention programs, mentoring programs, transition services, and instructional or behavioral support coaching, all in an attempt to assist educators from Pre-K to 12th grade.  His ultimate goal is to provide support and guidance for those who help students who struggle in some capacity. Kyle’s most important job and passion though, is being a father of 3 children who have their own unique challenges.  Through learning how to support his own children, both he and his wife have learned the importance of working with outside organizations in order to help children and their families.  He packages both of his passions into one organization as the founder of the RechargED Family.  This allows Kyle to provide free content and resources for parents and educators who want to find ways to support kids.  Whether it be through his podcasts like the Xhausted Educators show, the Parents RechargED show or the RechargED Family YouTube channel, Kyle aims to provide content for others so that children and teens get the support that they deserve.  Also a part of the RechargED Family organization is Holding On To Learning LLC.   As the owner, he works with individual families to answer any education or outside service related questions and provide them with resources to help their child who may be struggling in some capacity. You can connect with Kyle on Instagram and Twitter @rechargedfamily or by visiting Follow Kyle Hill:   Teach Better Conference: Use Code AspireTB2022 for $50 off your two day registration [caption id="attachment_3508" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast Swag, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better[/caption] NEW Aspire Swag with Discount Code: ASPIRE Tee-Shirts and Drinkware: ASPIRE: The Leadership Development Podcast  

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