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The Wacky World of Diabetes - David Kliff EPISODE 2, 29th December 2020
How COVID-19 Changed Our Wacky World: The Future of DIgital Diabetes
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How COVID-19 Changed Our Wacky World: The Future of DIgital Diabetes

Audiogram Segment: 3:07 - 3:27 (beginning) This change… (end) For all the diabetes device


Welcome back to The Wacky World of Diabetes Podcast. Everyone knows by now that Covid

has significantly changed our world in so many ways, and the world of Diabetes is no different.

Now more than ever, we have seen a huge rise in the virtualization of patient support and digital

diabetes. However, from an investment standpoint, I believe I have some insights for you about

the changes in diabetes products, and the projected usage of digital diabetes, that may surprise


Be sure to dive straight in this episode and let’s explore some of the changes we’ve seen from

Covid, and how the future of diabetes products is changing, for what I believe, is the better.

[00:01 - 05:19] Opening Segment

● Welcome to the second episode

○ Reminder of the disclaimer

■ Links below

● Covid19 has made for a lot of changes

○ How Covid helped along digital health

○ A change in training for devices

○ How it affects major device companies

■ Cost effective training methods

○ Virtualizing patient support

○ A Net Positive for device companies

○ When Covid is under control

[05:20 - 14:52] The Future of Digital Devices and Changes in the Product Landscape

● I talk about my insights on the change in digital usage

○ Not a standard but an adjunct

○ People still want to see their doctors

○ I believe digital will not stay on the forefront

● What will happen to the digital space

○ I believe it is overvalued

○ The day of reckoning

○ The effect of additional competition

● Sales for device company

○ Lowered costs

● Projection of upcoming health care stats

○ Looking at drug pricing and device pricing

○ Something will be done but uncertain of what

○ Movement being made on the Affordable Care Act

○ What we don’t know yet

● Positive changes to come during 2020

○ Medtronic acquiring companion medical

○ Underestimated event that will impact sales

○ The Combo GIP and GP1 product

○ Who has the edge now?

[14:53 - 16:45] Closing Segment

● Summarizing the significant events people missed in 2020

● We are making progress

○ Life will get back to some kind of normal

● 2022 is when we’ll really know what a post-covid world looks like

● Happy Holidays to everyone!

● Thank you and please share this

● Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“This change, going through what I call a virtualization of patient training and patient support,

was going to come out anyways, but because of Covid, it accelerated that move and in the end I

view this as a net positive…” - David Kliff

“I’m probably one of the few, quite honestly, who is not convinced that digital diabetes, in

particular, will remain on the forefront or have solid long term value from an investment

standpoint.” - David Kliff

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