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EP 1: Why Rejuvenated Women
Episode 17th February 2020 • Live & Lead With Heart • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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Welcome to the first episode of Rejuvenated Women: Impeccable Health for High Performing Women. Each week we feature interviews, information and inspiration that will motivate you to transform from overwhelmed, overworked and overweight to vibrant, energetic and on fire. My name is Dr. Alex Ridley, Selfless Syndrome expert, women’s health coach and alternative medicine practitioner specializing in health for busy and driven women.

In this episode I share why we're talking about rejuvenated women, who I am and what's in this show for you. I share the idea of Selfless Syndrome--our innate desire to take care of everyone and everything else except ourselves. I explain how this is a leading underlying cause to women's health issues today. I also share my own fall off the Selfless Syndrome Treadmill, and explain the direction of this show and the type of content you can expect each week.

This week on Rejuvenated Women:

  • Who I am and why I decided to launch Rejuvenated Women.
  • What Selfless Syndrome is and why it's important to our health and power as female leaders.
  • Why it's imperative to get off the Selfless Syndrome treadmill to truly be healthy and find your full potential.
  • Why I believe our innate desire to care for everyone and everything except ourselves is the true root of our health problems as women.
  • What to expect from each episode of Rejuvenated Women.

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