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361 | 3 Tips For Practical Promotion
Episode 36115th December 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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For some people, self-promotion is uncomfortable. But it is so necessary to have a successful business! Remember, it is okay to toot your own horn and it is possible to do so while staying humble. In this episode, Cayla shares 3 practical ways to self-promote without feeling icky. It’s all about helping people and if you are coming from a place of genuine care, you will be rewarded. These tips are easy to implement and something that Cayla does weekly in her business (including in this episode!). So take a page from her book and start doing these little things consistently in your business.

  • [1:35] - It is crucial to create momentum in your business.
  • [3:56] - The way you live in the overflow is by helping people. To do that, you have to self-promote.
  • [4:47] - Show testimonials. This could be screenshots of DMs and answers from real-life friends.
  • [5:58] - On a weekly basis, set aside a day that you dedicate to sharing testimonials.
  • [6:31] - Your growth will help more people and impact more lives.
  • [9:13] - Celebrate all the little things in your business because they create a snowball effect.
  • [10:23] - You can toot your own horn inconspicuously.
  • [11:22] - Showing the process for your audience to follow along with your journey is entertaining.
  • [12:53] - If you are promoting because you want to help people, you will be rewarded.

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