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FORMULA INDIE 26.06.2020
26th June 2020 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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David Raynolds - This Is The End

Donna Zed – My Voice

Lenny – Alzo le mani (feat. Samuel Rizza)

Justin Faye – Get the kick

Traindeville – Il Cavaliere delle Nuvole

Car3939 – La Ripalta

Ahri Arianna Vitale – E poi arrivi tu

Antonio Pignatiello - Sembra quasi domenica

Gabriel Wegner – Aleppo

Boskovic – Remember

Ace Diamond – Bad Ass Hillbilly Band

Rayka Blake – Nevermore

Walter Piva - Cantando Sotto la doccia

Francesco Giovannetti – Non piangere per me

Valentina Gautier – Corri che corre il tempo

Franco Nocchi – Il volo dell’Anima

DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up

Angela Predhomme – Sweet delectable you

RobAnd – Bextasy

Andy Camp – Facebook Lover

The Deers Cry – Rise with the Dawn

Thermal And A Quarter – Leaders of Men

Fadi Awad & Sasha Dee Jay ft. Addie Nicole - Release 

Goldee Heart-Give Me A Minute

Scott Celani Band – Home

Monsieur Job – I Wanna be your dog

Patricia Lazzara - Reflections of Radiance 

Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper





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